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Melanie Komninos

Account Servicing Supervisor, Owens Insurance Group

Melanie Komninos originally joined Owens Insurance Group in 1990, beginning her career as a Customer Service Representative in their Commercial Insurance Division. Leaving Owens Group in 1998 to work with two firms on the wholesale and underwriting sides of the insurance industry, she gained significant additional experience in real estate risk management. In 2005, Melanie rejoined Owens Group as a Senior Account Executive and now serves as Account Servicing Supervisor, overseeing a team that assesses the risks and placements of both new and existing commercial real estate clients. She is also a member of The Owens Group Foundation.

Melanie was appreciative to join the Spring Lake Toys Foundation Board of Advisors after all the support her daughter Zoey received from Foundation founder Paulette Pera Laurenzi. Zoey, born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and reflux, and chronic lung disease, was provided $27,500 in financial assistance via the charity—funds that helped with Zoey’s ongoing special needs before her recent passing.

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